The Wayfarer Story

At Wayfarer, we are hopeless romantics. We yearn for the simpler times when it was ok to be young at heart, maybe even a little foolish, and definitely happy. Throughout our lives, travel has let us feel those feelings and store those memories forever.

Shawn Donovan
Shawn Donovan

Whether skiing a favorite mountain, cruising the boardwalk of a favorite beach, hiking a beautiful trail, golfing a favorite course, or road tripping to anywhere, we love to celebrate life through the memories our travels create.

We all have favorite t-shirts, sweatshirts, even hats, from the places we’ve visited. The reason they’re favorites is because they evoke memories of being in an awesome place with friends, family, or both!

The idea for Wayfarer came from our love of travel and our desire to create lasting memories through classic, timeless, high-quality clothing. Too often, we would find ourselves scouring souvenir shops, looking for a simple, classic piece of clothing that would remind us of “being there” and our amazing experiences, but coming up empty-handed.

To fill this gap, we’ve created clothing that reflects the destinations and lifestyle that is wearable long after your trip is over: classic designs on the highest quality and most sustainable fabrics.

We can’t wait for you to re-experience your beloved vacations, road trips, family get-togethers, and homes-away-from-home through Wayfarer’s special collection.

We look forward to helping you remember your old favorites and create new lasting memories.

Remember the Times!

Shawn & the Wayfarer Team

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